How To Add Your Personality To A Space

Figuring out how to bring your personality into your home can be challenging. You do not want it to look like a showroom. You want it to reflect you as a person and it to still be welcoming. It is important to create a home that is well balanced. Yet still bringing out a unique style that represents you individually. This does require attention to detail and planning. Not everyone is an interior designer. For some it might come naturally, but for others not so much. Here are some fantastic ideas on how to add your personality to a space. 

Display Meaningful Items 

A great way to add your personality is by displaying items that mean something to you. Personal, friends, or family art can be put on exhibit in a space. Family heirlooms can be put on view as well. Maybe you have an antique clock, photos, jewelry, quilts, the list goes on for what can be presented. Using souvenirs that were obtained during traveling is another way to incorporate meaningful items. Another is collectable items some examples would be pottery, candles, and wood pieces. Lastly, hobbies can be a great way to become part of your décor. Putting a guitar or old record tapes on a wall is a unique way to decorate, and can add lots of character. 


This key factor can be forgotten at times. Putting together a well balanced space can change the entire atmosphere. Picking the right furniture is crucial because it compliments the bones of a home. If using tall pieces of furniture it is important to keep in mind that the ceilings should be tall and the room should have much open space. That way the room does not feel bare and empty. If there are lower ceilings it is important to keep in mind lower furniture. Having couches, tables, and chairs that are low to the ground. It will make the area seem bigger. 

Bring in What You Like

Color, patterns, and texture are the best way to transform a space to show your personality. The options on what to find out there are limitless. What is your favorite color and how can you incorporate it in your space? Do it in subtle ways like getting a pot that’s your favorite color. The picture above does a great job at displaying blue throughout the kitchen. For patterns you can do floral pillows, an accent wallpaper, or a striped rug. Textures are fun to play around with. Add some baskets throughout the house. If you love polyester then find pillows, blankets, and drapery that have it. Adding small things here and there can have a significant impact.