How To Incorporate Spring Colors Into Your Home

Now that spring is finally here it is time to freshen up your home. After all of the darker colors of winter it is time to bring the bright colors inside. Having the right materials and patterns are great ways to bring in spring colors. The smallest changes can make the biggest difference. We are here to help you figure out how to do that. Here are some ways to bring spring colors into your home.


Replace all of the dark colors in the space. If you have dark pillows then swap them for something lighter like pastels. This is where having pillows with covers come in handy. Changing them out for the specific season. Another option is to put lighter pieces of art on the walls. Bring in pictures that remind you of spring. Another is to add some spring decor like changing your wreaths, and adding spring like centerpieces on tables.

Lighten Textiles

Now that it is warmer at night that means less blankets. It is time to put away those five blankets in the living room. Also, if you sleep with heavier bedding you can change it to lighter bedding. With warmer weather people like to open their windows to let fresh air in. Having lighter window drapery will allow the spring air to breeze better throughout your home. You can even get some with fun spring patterns. Try using hues of blue, pink, green, and yellow.

Add Greenery

Spring is when the flowers start to bloom. Bring the outdoors inside to get you in the spring spirit. Whether it be bringing in different types of plants. Such as succulents, sansevieria plants, and taro plants the list can go on. Put them in the lonely corners of the house to brighten things up. Bring in the current spring flowers and put them in a vase, or incorporate it into a wreath.