How to Pick Mirrors that Compliment a Space

Mirrors have the power to drastically alter the mood. The right mirror can freshen up a space and bring it to life. Since mirrors reflect what is in front of them, they simply cannot go on any wall. Every day, people use mirrors. Whether it be brushing teeth, doing hair, or looking at yourself before you head out the door. Mirrors serve a variety of purposes, including defining what is already in space. Most importantly, it can open up a room. Mirrors are a necessity when it comes to daily tasks. Here are some tips when it comes to the advantages, shapes, sizes, and where to place mirrors.


Let's get right into it. Most people don’t know that mirrors have a significant number of advantages. The first benefit is that they produce the illusion of space. This can help with cramped spaces such as half baths, narrow hallways, or small apartments. Mirrors can make a space seem bigger than it actually is. Another advantage is that the lighting in a room is maximized. Because of how reflective they are, they can increase the brightness of a room. Lastly, mirrors increase the appearance of a space and make a statement. They can act as a focal point, making it feel more inviting and welcoming.

Shape and Size 

A certain shape of a mirror can change an entire mood. It can also give off an illusion of being something else, like a picture frame. Rounded or curved can give off a softer appearance. A square or rectangle can give a restrained, orderly look. A long horizontal can help sweep the eye across the entire frame. Tall vertical mirrors can draw the eye up, bringing attention to the height. Finally, you can create a shape by grouping different sized mirrors and picture frames to create a gallery wall. For size, you have to determine if you want it as a focal point or in the background. Our best tip is to map it out with painters' tape to see if it would be a good fit for your space.

How to Style

Try not to place mirrors where they reflect less durable items. Do not place it where there is a lot of clutter. Mirrors can reflect the style that is already in that space. A frame with simple lines will look good with a modern style. Distressed frames go well with eclectic or country. A round or ornate frame looks best with a traditional style. Place mirrors near windows to reflect light. Like it was mentioned in the paragraph above, it is important to decide if the mirror will be in the background or a focal point. Do you want it to make a statement? Lastly, use a mirror to replace art on the wall.