Kitchen Appliance Trends

When it comes to kitchen appliances, it seems that there are new ones being made everyday. It can be hard to determine what you want and what you actually need. Since the pandemic lockdown it has changed how we interact in our kitchen. Every restaurant was shut down meaning you had to cook for yourself everyday. It changed how we cook, clean, and spend time in the kitchen. Since then people have come up with many ways to make kitchen life easier. Whether it be creating more storage, easier maintenance, or having a better cooking function for things. We are here to talk about some of the kitchen appliance trends that are hot.

Induction Ranges/Cooktops

Induction ranges and cooktops have been extremely popular throughout recent years. Part of the reason being is that California and New York banned gas ranges in new construction. This took place because it brought too many hazards. With induction ranges and cooktops they are much safer. This is because you can control the temperature how you want it. If it gets too hot you can cool it back down. Induction ranges and cooktops are also better for the environment, easy to clean, and cook your food a lot faster.

Dishwasher Drawers

There are a number of reasons why people have been loving dish drawers. They are great for the environment. Dish drawers are smaller and use less water and energy when they run. It is very common in smaller spaces like an apartment. However, they are becoming popular in bigger households as well. It makes it easier to do more runs throughout the day to stay more on top of it. Another reason why they are so favored is that you can make them blend in with your cabinet. As seen in the picture above. It is easily accessible and a great way to create more space in the kitchen.

Column Refrigerators

This is probably one of our favorites. Out of all the appliances this might be the one you are familiar with most. A column refrigerator is a stand alone freezer and fridge. Meaning it is by itself and is not connected. Since it comes separate you can put it wherever you want. One could be put in the pantry and one could be put in the kitchen. Also, there is so much more room to store whatever you want in the fridge and freezer. Column refrigerators and freezers have such a clean look, and there are no drawers or ice machines to look at. Would you want one of these in your kitchen?