Marble: Where Does It Look Best?

Marble is one of the most beautiful and oldest stones. Dating all the way back to ancient Greece and Rome. Back then it was used for pillars, sculptures, and so much more. It is the most popular stone still used today. Times are changing with newer technology and faster ways to do things. In the design world there are constantly new ways to decorate. In recent years we have seen more creative ways to incorporate marble in different spaces. Many people dismiss the use of marble because of the price. There are numerous reasons why marble has been so popular all around the world for centuries. We are here to talk about the different uses and why marble might be a good choice for you in your home.  

Different Kinds

The unique thing about marble and most stone is that there are multiple choices to choose from. Marble is created by various stones. It is transformed at extremely high temperatures and strong pressure. When this process happens it creates new textures, minerals, and structures. Thus creating different kinds of marbles. There is calacatta which can come in gold and white with different color veins. Another is statuarietto; it has a white base with gray/blue toned veins. Arabescato breccia is a white base with black and brown veining. The ones listed were just a few options from a wide variety of different marbles.

Why To Pick It 

There has to be a reason why marble has been desired for decades. It can last forever which is why people from the old world loved it. They wanted to carry on a legacy that would last. Nowadays marble is still one of the most long lasting stones. It can withstand intense heat. Marble is low maintenance meaning it is easy to clean. The uses for marble are countless; it can be used for countertops, walls, floors, buildings, etc. The biggest advantage of marble is that no piece will ever look the exact same. It can be customized in any way desired.

Where To Put It

In recent years people have come up with creative ways to use marble in spaces. Let's start with the bedroom. It can be put on the floor, or even better on the wall as an accent wall. In the picture above it doesn't take up the entire wall. However, it can take up the entire wall from the floor to the ceiling. Another luxurious way to use it is for a fireplace. Putting them on tables tops can be a great use as well. Lastly, using marble in the kitchen and the most popular use is the countertop. Having it wrap around all of the island would be a beautiful look. Using it in the pantry and using it as backsplash would be special as well.