Cole Home

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A luxurious home, transformed to to add a more transitional style with inklings of farmhouse elements.

This luxurious home in Andover underwent an incredible transformation, where we revamped the traditional style to a newer, modern-farmhouse look. We wanted to bring a fresh, contemporary feel to the space while still paying homage to the older charm of the home. Our goal was to create a space that felt welcoming, timeless, and had a touch of sophistication. To achieve this, we incorporated ample color throughout the space, using bold and eye-catching light fixtures as accents. We also tied in the older charm of the bones of the home by retaining some of the original details and finishes, which gave the space a warm and inviting feel. The new modern-farmhouse style added a touch of elegance and class to the home, making it a perfect blend of contemporary and classic elements. Overall, the transformation of the home was a stunning success, and it's sure to impress anyone who steps through its doors.

Andover, KS
April, 2023
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