Accent Chairs that Dial Up a Space

Having the right accent chair can be the missing piece in your space. An accent chair offers much more than an extra seat. It is a great way to add a splash of color. Also, it adds extra layers to a room, making the area look finished. Accent chairs draw the attention in and are an excellent way to express style and personality. It can be the furniture piece that ties the entire room together. They can provide an eye-catching focal point for any space. Here are some tips on how to dial up an area with accent chairs.

Different Styles 

The different types of accent chairs out there are endless. We are going to talk about the five most commonly used accent chairs that work well in any room. The first is a club chair; it is an armchair with deep seats. Next is the slipper chair, which is armless and lower to the ground than most chairs. Third is the wingback chair, which consists of a tall back and winged sides. Moving on to the barrel, the back is curved like a barrel. Lastly, there is the classic armchair, which is a great companion piece to a big piece of furniture. Those are our top five accent chairs to pick from. 

Comfort and Scale

Comfort and scale are two important things to think about when deciding on accent chairs. After we talked about the different options of chairs, do you have one that will fit in the room? Will it be too big, too small, or just right? Knowing the right proportions is a key design factor. This is where painter's tape comes in handy. Map it out before you make a big purchase. A chair needs to be comfortable! Of course, looks are still important when it comes to furniture. In this case, comfort surpasses attractiveness. You want something that will actually be enjoyed and used. 

How to Style 

There are two options for accent chairs. Do you want one that already flows with the current color palette in that space? The second option is to go with something bold but not go overboard, still managing to let everything flow. What style of furniture do you have that will complement the other pieces? Thinking about the use of the chair is a major factor. Will this accent chair be used regularly? Will it just be primarily decorative? Will someone watch TV? Maybe there is an empty corner that needs a cozy reading spot. If there needs to be more seating in the living room, then put it in parallel with the sofa.