Ultimate Guide to Creating a Timeless Kids Room 

When designing a kid's bedroom, it can be a challenging decorative task. It's wonderful that their interests are ever evolving. Frequently, whatever intrigues them can overtake their space. There is a way to add in a child's favorite color, sports team, or superhero in a tasteful way. Consider creating a scheme that will last them throughout the years. As time goes by, create the core structure so that you simply need to replace the little details, such as cartoon posters. What is the first step in this process? The topic of today's blog is how to design a kid's room that will remain timeless. Create a layout, practice the principle of "less is more," and use a color palette as your guide.

Determining a Layout 

The first step in creating a comfortable space for kids is the layout. Keep in mind what they like to do. It is essential to maximize floor space as much as possible. Loft beds are a great way to utilize space. Even if it is not a shared space, it is still good for sleepovers. Will they need a small art, reading, or workspace? If you don’t want a bed at the bottom of the loft beds, then you can always put something at the bottom. Such as a hangout, reading, hangout space, a place for storage, etc. Lastly, the child's bed should be placed centrally on the focal wall. Ideally, across from the door if possible. The good thing about loft beds is that they can be replaced with a bigger bed down the road. 

Less is More 

When creating a restful space, less is more. Kid rooms are always crowded with things, whether it be clothes, schoolwork, or toys. There needs to be a tasteful way to store extra things. Create a space for storage that will grow with them. Such as a closet with adjustable shelving or upholstered ottomans. Having an easy way to put away clutter creates a space that is calming to come to. You only need to have the main necessary pieces of furniture, such as a bed, nightstand, lamp, bookshelf, and maybe a cozy chair. That way, the room can grow with them throughout the years. You want to have good bones placed that way as the years go by, the only thing that needs changing is the accent pieces.

Create a Color Palette 

When creating a room for a child, get their opinion! Asking their favorite color is a great way to get them involved. One of the exciting things about being a kid is that opinions and ideas are always changing. Their favorite color might be purple one day and orange the next. If they like really bold colors, try to find softer versions of those colors. It is always best to have three colors that will be incorporated into the space. If they like green, try a sage green with two neutral colors. Going with one bold color and two neutral colors is a safe bet for future years to come.