Different Types Of Kitchen Backsplash

Picking out what backsplash to use can be difficult. There is a vast majority to pick from. No kitchen is complete without it. Today, it has become essential to have in kitchen design. This being because the wall where the sink and stove is can get dirty easily. Backsplash can act as a shield to protect the oil splatters and moisture when cooking. The options are endless when it comes to backsplash. We are here to talk about the different types, different designs, and how to pick the right backsplash. 

Different Types

When picking backsplash it is important to be aware of the different kinds. There are six main types to pick from. First is ceramic tiles they are the most popular and come in many different shapes and sizes. Next is porcelain tile that is made up of compressed clay at high temperatures. Following is natural stone tile such as marble, granite, and soapstone. Furthermore glass tiles are another one. Glass is easy to clean but can be easy to scratch. Subway tiles are also popular; they can be made out of porcelain, glass, marble, ceramic, etc. Lastly, wood would be another option, but it requires ongoing maintenance to retain its look. 

Different Designs 

Just like the different types of backsplash there are different patterns and designs. It is always good to have knowledge on the different types of layout options. Chevron is first and it is laid out with thin rectangular tiles in a zigzag pattern. Herringbone is laid in an arrowlike pattern. Herringbone is similar to chevron but the difference is chevron has to be cut to fit. Next is offset where each tile starts at the center of the tile below it. One third offset is another it is where each tile is set one third from the tile below it. Finally, is the grid option. Grid is when square tiles are put into a straight line with no offsets. 

How to Pick 

Many factors can come into play when picking out backsplash. It comes down to preference and what works best for you. What design style are you wanting to achieve? If traditional then ceramic or porcelain tile. For modern something with clean lines. Durability is something to keep in mind. Something that won’t crack and is easy to clean. It needs to be able to withstand the different splash temperatures when cooking. Budget is another thing to consider. Some backsplashes are more expensive like marble or porcelain. Also picking different patterns can take more time to install being more costly. Again, it just depends on what you are willing to spend.