How to Pick the Right Dining Room Chair

In order to have an enjoyable dining area there needs to be a good size table. Maybe there is a bigger issue, what chair would go together well with the table that you currently have? There is much more to having a dining area that looks nice. It is a place where family and friends can come over and share a nice meal. A place where everyone can feel comfortable to enjoy themselves. A place where you can play board games and that list can go on. A struggle that we have seen lately is people do not know how to pick out the right dining room chair for their space. Here are some helpful tips when it comes to finding the right dining room chair.

How Many Chairs to Pick

The standard table height from the floor to the top of a table is around 28-30 inches. There are three different standard shapes for tables: round, oval, and rectangle. For a round table 33-44 inch diameter seats four people. 44-54 inch diameter seats four to six people. 54-72 inch diameter seats six to eight people. For an oval table 36-56 inches long seats four to six people. 36-72 inches long seats six to eight people. 36-84 inches seats eight to ten people. For a rectangular table 36 inches wide x 48 inches long seats four people. 36 inches wide x 60 inches long seats six to eight. 36 inches wide x 78 inches long seats six to eight people.


Making sure you have the right height from a dining chair is important. No one wants their guests or family members sitting at different heights. Making it uncomfortable if the seat is too high or low on the surface that is to be eaten on. When it comes to the chairs there are two different measurements: the back and seat height. The standard height for a chair seat is around 18 inches high. For the back of the chair it is 32-34 inches high but the back of the chair can have more variations for different heights.

How to Pick the Right Style Chair

Instead of picking a dining chair that is pretty it is important to think about comfort. Upholstered chairs are nice and plush as seen in the picture above. They are also great because they can mix well with any style. If upholstered chairs scare you because of stains, fabric chairs are another good way to go. Linens and velvet chairs are easy for stain removals and spot cleaning. Lastly, armless chairs are more favored than arm chairs. Having armchairs can make it feel like a boardroom. Also they can bump into the other chair or person.